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Two Cemeteries Tour: St. Louis 1 & 2

Great for History lovers!

Quick Details

Adult 12+
Child 5-11
Young Child Ages 0-4

Explore New Orleans Cemeteries with an expert guide!

  • St. Louis Cemetery #1 (established 1789) is the popular destination among visitors, who love to see the tomb of the Voodoo Queen, politicians, scoundrels, celebrities, and other interesting New Orleans characters among the narrow passageways and crumbling monuments to the dead.
  • St. Louis #2 (1823), a few blocks away, contains the remains of civil rights pioneers, mayors, governors, pirates, musicians, and some of the most stunning architecture in the city.

As with all Lucky Bean tours, we keep the groups small and we keep the stories coming. We will point out the funerary symbols and monuments in the cemeteries, describe our unique interment practices, and tell you the fascinating stories of the dead who rest within the old brick walls.
The two-and-a-half block walk between the cemeteries takes you through a recently-rebuilt neighborhood that was once home to a notorious red-light district called Storyville and the place where jazz music became a distinct musical genre.

The tour ends at basin Street Station, a comfortable visitors center right on the edge of the French Quarter.

What to Bring

Water to drink, comfortable shoes, an umbrella for shade or rain, and questions!