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Private Walking Tours in New Orleans, LA

Start your own New Orleans story!

Quick Details

  • Learn about New Orleans on a tour that is tailored specifically to your group’s interests!
  • When you book a private New Orleans tour with Lucky Bean, you are contacted by your personal guide to begin planning your experience!
  • Some topics our guests have requested: History, Music, Art, Shopping, Ghosts, Cocktails, Literature, Cemeteries, Crime, Voodoo, and more!

Do you want to customize your New Orleans walking tour?  Are you trying to create a tailored experience for your group or family?  Is there a particular area of interest that you would like to delve into a little deeper?  Lucky Bean tour guides can craft a GREAT private tour for your specific needs.

Unlike our regular tours, private tours are not open to anyone else except your group.  Contact us and together we’ll create a customized New Orleans tour that is sure to please your whole group!

Here are some private tours we have done in the past. Most of them are two-hour tours, but can be made longer if you would like a refreshment stop or would like to combine two tours:

French Quarter (25 guests maximum)

Come explore New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood! Established in 1718, French, African, Spanish, and American influences have fabricated its Creole soul. Far from being a “tourist trap” or a manufactured experience, the French Quarter is a living, vibrant, colorful and musical neighborhood you carry with you in your heart long after you leave!

Garden District (25 guests maximum)

More than just lovely historic mansions among the moss-draped oaks, the Garden District tells the story of the elegant, wealthy American neighborhood of the 1800s and the masters of commerce that built and lived there. We also visit Lafayette Cemetery #1, a beautiful example of one of our above-ground cemeteries.

French Quarter culinary history (20 guests maximum)

Join us for a mouth-watering crash course in New Orleans culinary traditions, with lots of recommendations.  There are no tastings on this tour, but instead you cover more ground and emerge with a true understanding of Creole cuisine and a plan to get the most out of your New Orleans experience.

Women of New Orleans (16 guests maximum)

Learn about the amazing ladies that built, shaped, preserved, and continue to influence New Orleans. This original tour takes you around the French Quarter to hear the funny, inspiring, and surprising stories of the women of this great city.

Kids and Family French Quarter (12 guests maximum)

This tour was created with kids in mind! Shorter, colorful stories, music, hands-on activities, visual aids, and snacks are some of the tricks we use to entertain our youngest visitors. This tour is customized to the interests and ages of our guests.

Literary History (French Quarter) (25 guests maximum)

Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, Truman Capote, and Frances Parkinson Keyes are among the great writers who have been drawn to the old-world charm and easy lifestyle of the French Quarter. We guide you through the places they lived, wrote, and gathered. We can make reading suggestions in advance.

Literary History (Garden District) (25 guests maximum)

Anne Rice, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Walt Whitman, and Mark Twain are a few of the great writers who have been inspired by the lushness and elegance of the Garden District. Let your guide show you where they lived, wrote, and set their stories. Advance reading suggestions can be offered.

French Quarter Cocktail (12 guests maximum)

NOLA history on the rocks! This is a great French Quarter walking tour, with cocktails as the theme. We go into interesting, historic bars and restaurants and your expert guide recommends the cocktails that make New Orleans one of the best drinking towns in the world.

Haunted Cocktail (12 guests maximum)

Enjoy both kinds of spirits on this tour! Let your guide bring you to the historic drinking places of the French Quarter, recommend the best cocktails, and tell you the dark history that lurks between the bottles.

Ghost and Horror Stories (25 guests maximum)

Learn some of the scary, bloody, and just plain weird history of NOLA during a nighttime meander through the old French Quarter. On a private tour, the stories can be tailored to the ages and interests of the participants.

Crime History of  New Orleans (12 guests maximum)

The Big Easy has never been known for its quiet acceptance of social norms, so we are able to share with you the stories of mobsters, madams, pirates, murderers, and alleged presidential assassins. This is a 301 year-long true crime story (some risque’ content).

French Quarter Shopping (10 guests maximum)

This tour is tailored to your needs -fashion, art, culinary products, antiques, souvenirs, and more! We go into shops you may have missed and show you some unique NOLA finds!

History of Healing in New Orleans (20 guests maximum)

Nuns, nurses, surgeons, faith healers, and voodoo doctors – New Orleans has a unique history of healing that is woven into our overall history, and we delve into the stories of healers on this French Quarter tour.