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About Lucky Bean Tours

New Orleanians love to talk, and among New Orleanians the biggest talkers are the tour guides. We talk about history, festivals, ourselves, our guests, other tour guides, music, and, mostly, food. And in almost every one of these tour guide conversations, we start to talk about a tour we would love to create. We all have at least one “dream tour” that revolves around a New Orleans topic that we love and want to share with our guests.

So, we figured, if we would love to give these dream tours, wouldn’t visitors to New Orleans love to go on them? Yes! So, Lucky Bean Tours was created by passionate New Orleans tour guides who are eager to show off our most beloved aspects of our city. When you are on a Lucky Bean walking tour of New Orleans, there are no scripts. You are being shown around by the creator of that tour, the person who had the passion that produced the idea.

As we began our adventure, our guests started responding with great enthusiasm to our New Orleans walking tours, and to the fact that the groups were small. “It felt like walking with a friend,” was the phrase we began to hear over and over again. So, we decided to keep them small. We restrict the number of guests on our tours to 12 and when you tour with Lucky Bean, you will see that we excel at customizing the tour to your interests and expectations. We can’t wait to show you around!