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Literary Field Trips in New Orleans

Why did we create two New Orleans literary field trips?

New Orleans has a rich literary history that rivals New York and Paris. Writers have come here for 300 years to be inspired, accepted, and creative.

Lucky Bean Tours has created two original literature-centered walking tours for student groups – one of the Garden District, and one of the French Quarter – focusing on the writers and works of literature created in and inspired by our beautiful city. Most of our guides are former teachers.

When you book a literary field trip, we reach out to plan your experience and find out what your class has been reading, and even make suggestions for pre-reading if you wish.

Your students are given the opportunity to appreciate our rich history and to associate locations with works of literature. However, we do NOT go to Bourbon Street, even though William Faulkner celebrated the publication of his first novel at Galatoire’s with friends. We think Faulkner would understand.

We can accommodate groups of all sizes. Please contact us for more information.