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Meet Our Guides

Make a New Orleans Connection

Libby Bollino


Louisiana to the Bone, Lucky Bean Mama, Storyteller, Teacher, Walking Encyclopedia of New Orleans Trivia, Hatches Baby Alligators, Cooks a Great Gumbo, Has Shrimp Boots in her Car

James Bollino

a man in glasses looking at the camera

Fisherman, Handyman, Funny Guy, constantly amazed and amused by New Orleans, Shade-seeker, Food-lover, Great Dad

Jackie Bullock


Teacher, Volunteer, Teller of Stories, Cajun Girl and Uptown Lady, Voice on the Radio, Booklover.

Yvonne Pratt

a man and a woman looking at the camera

New Orleans Girl, Riverboat Captain’s Daughter, UNO Graduate (Anthropology), Deep-Diver into the music, food, and cocktails of the city. If she isn’t doing any of that stuff, she is at a festival.

Peak Del Valle

a person and a dog walking on a sidewalk

Local Singer and Player of Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica, and Percussion, Texas-born but 9th Great-granddaughter of a Pelican Girl (go ahead, ask!), French Quarter resident, Deeply Interested in the Musical, Feminine, and Weird History of New Orleans, Sometimes Artist, Rocks the French Quarter Tour

Tim Chauvin

a person posing for the camera

Lifelong Louisiana Resident Living in the Geographical Center of New Orleans, University History Teacher, Deep Deep Roots in Louisiana Culture (Dad Comes from Sugar and Mom Comes from Rice), Farm Boy (one of 7) Raised on Cajun and Creole Dishes

Laura Scariano

Marianne Thieme smiling and posing for the camera

Lifelong New Orleanian descendant of Italian, French, German, English, Irish, Scottish and Portuguese New Orleans immigrants. Ceramic Artist who drags her pottery all around town. Residential and Interior Designer who’s studied art history too. Tap dancer who has hopped on stage with a couple of local jazz bands. Marigny Neighborhood Enthusiast!

Renee Whitecloud

a woman wearing a hat and sunglasses posing for the camera

New Orleans Native with Cajun and Chippewa Roots, Sacred Heart and Tulane Alum, Toured Every Continent by Age 33, Loves the Dance, the Duel, and the Diverse History of New Orleans, Ready to Share the History and Spirit of Her City

Lesley Kane

a little girl wearing a hat

Came Down the River from Memphis in 1996, Once the Singing Cocktail Waitress of Bourbon Street, Currently a History-Chaser, Book-Lover, Cemetery Nerd (on the Board of Save Our Cemeteries), and Music Enthusiast in Love with Her Beautiful, Sultry, Exotic City and Always Ready to Connect Your City to Hers. Occasionally Still Sitting in with Local Musicians

Roni Bossin


Israeli Tour Guide in New Orleans, Hebrew Teacher, Toastmaster, Former Corporate Lawyer, Lover/Hater of the Digital Age, Softball Lifer, Wannabe Surfer, Urban Dweller, Army Medic, Lover of Language. “My name is pronounced Row-Nee. Just think of macaroni and take off the maca”

Carmel Noble

a person posing for the camera

Kentuckian by birth, New Orleanian by Choice, Dark Humorist, Eternal Optimist, Storyteller, Mental Health Advocate, Bibliophile, Exercise Enthusiast, Addicted to Coffee and Honey Crisp Apples. “Dog is My Co-pilot.”

Tish Casey


Local Girl, Former Teacher, Proud Member of the DIVAs, Humorous Observer and Interpreter of Everything New Orleans