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Meet Our Guides

Make a New Orleans Connection

Libby Bollino


Louisiana to the bone, Lucky Bean mama, storyteller, walking encyclopedia of New Orleans trivia.

James Bollino


Fisherman, cab driver, funny guy, constantly amazed and amused by New Orleans, shade-seeker, handyman, food-lover, great dad

Jackie Bullock


Teacher, Volunteer, Teller of Stories, Cajun Girl and Uptown Lady, Voice on the Radio, Booklover.

Joos Verrycken (Josh)


World traveler, passionate about history, always curious about different cultures, animal lover, bookworm, beekeeper, proud wearer of shrimp boots even in town

Peak Del Valle

The New Orleans People Project

Local singer and player of guitar, ukulele, harmonica, and percussion, Texas-born, St. Roch resident, deeply interested in the musical, feminine, and weird history of New Orleans, proud member of Den Roach Boyz band, rocks the kids’ tour. (Photo by Gus Bennett, Jr.)

Loretta-Maria Adkins

a woman in a white shirt and black hair

Fearless Adventurer, Petter of Dogs, Free Hugger, Dream Maker, Joy Seeker, Global Happiness Distributor, Friend to Animals and Lover of Life.  Enjoys celebrations of all kinds and prancing through the streets with the Pussyfooters covered in pink glitter.  In a passionate love affair with New Orleans for 35 years and counting…

Crissy Bushman


Montessori teacher, baker and cook, enthusiastic parade-goer, gardener, reader, favorite holiday is Halloween (Mardi Gras is a close second), but most of all proud mom to Topher, world’s best part-time Kids Tour assistant

Suzanne Stone


Museum maven, habitual volunteer, author of Volunteering Around the Globe, proud member of Krewe of Mishigas, 2017 recipient of Friends of the Cabildo’s Golden Shoe award, author of New Orleans Coffee: A Rich History

Eliot Eidelman

a person holding a guitar

Writer, Composer, Recording Artist, Actor, Time Traveler, Cinephile, Voracious Reader, Cat Lover, Air Hockey Champ

Roni Bossin


Israeli Tour Guide in New Orleans, Hebrew Teacher, Toastmaster, Former Corporate Lawyer, Lover/Hater of the Digital Age, Softball Lifer, Wannabe Surfer, Urban Dweller, Army Medic, Lover of Language. “My name is pronounced Row-Nee. Just think of macaroni and take off the maca”

Carmel Noble

a person posing for the camera

Kentuckian by birth, New Orleanian by Choice, Dark Humorist, Eternal Optimist, Storyteller, Mental Health Advocate, Bibliophile, Exercise Enthusiast, Addicted to Coffee and Honey Crisp Apples. “Dog is My Co-pilot.”

Tish Casey


Local Girl, Former Teacher, Proud Member of the DIVAs, Humorous Observer and Interpreter of Everything New Orleans