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New Orleans Online: Stories from the Cemeteries of New Orleans

Quick Details

General Ages 6 and over

Hear the stories of New Orleans’ world-famous, above-ground historic cemeteries from the comfort of home! Our great storytelling guides are staying safe by staying inside, and using our unexpected free time to research, collaborate, and learn even more great stories of our beloved city.

From all this research and our previous experience, we have created some “storytelling sessions” for virtual guests around the world. Book one of our New Orleans Online offerings and, about one hour before it starts, you will receive a link to a Zoom storytelling session. Click on the link to join and immerse yourself in some of the great stories of New Orleans’ unique “cities of the dead”.

We don’t bury our dead in New Orleans- we build above-ground tombs of several generations of one family! We will explain our unique internment practice, then tell you some of our favorite stories of the people who rest in the tombs. Some are grand, and some are in crumbling condition. We have assembled an impressive collection of photographs and deeply researched stories and we are ready to share them with you!

Immigrants, enslaved people, governors, pirates, voodoo queens, and celebrities rest in these sacred places, and each story is more special and captivating than the last. Each guide has compiled their own favorite stories for a one-hour virtual gathering of 10 or fewer people. We will tell stories, then give everyone the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from an expert New Orleans tour guide.¬†¬†This is not a “virtual tour,” but rather an opportunity to sit back and hear some great stories of America’s most interesting city.

Unlike our regular walking tours, these online experiences are not limited to one or even two cemeteries – we can hop across town with the click of a mouse for the best stories and images. We can even “go inside” cemeteries that are closed to the public.

See you online!