The Garden District tells the Story of New Orleans' Opulent Era of Growth and Wealth

The Garden District was established in 1832 as the City of Lafayette, an elegant garden suburb upriver from New Orleans inhabited by the wealthy American newcomers who found themselves at odds with the downriver Creoles.  The planners and residents of this verdant oasis from the sultriness and excesses of the old city were the captains of New Orleans' "golden age," a time of incredible wealth and growth in the Crescent City.  There is no other neighborhood like the Garden District, at the same time showy and quiet, wild and manicured, modern and antiquated.  Allow your guide to lead you through its beautiful homes and histories, and explore Lafayette cemetery #1, one of New Orleans' most interesting "cities of the dead."

As a guest on this remarkable New Orleans walking tour, you can expect to gain a true understanding of the lifestyles of the Americans who arrived in New Orleans after the Louisiana Purchase and began to make millions of dollars off of sugar and cotton without actually owning plantations. You will be able to make connections to your own understanding of World and American History while enjoying the pure astounding beauty of the homes and gardens of this neighborhood, and you will be touched by the tender tributes in its historic cemetery.

We offer this tour every day at 9am, 10am, noon, 1pm, and 2:30pm.

The tour is 2 hours long and covers about one mile in distance.