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Little Ecosystems


Honestly, this is just a practice post.  I’m building this website (a completely new experience for me), so I want to be sure I can post.  But, why not have some actual content?  I was looking through my phone pictures for ideas for this practice post, and realized that I am always taking pictures of what I (with really no scientific knowledge) call “little ecosystems,” microscopic jungles in tree roots, tombs, sidewalk cracks, lawn furniture that hasn’t been moved, and brick walls.

They are all over this lush, verdant city, especially in the summer after a mild winter like we had in 2015-16, when nothing had the chance to die off.

here is one in a puddle by my house:










And here is one on a tree root in the Garden District:









Cemeteries are, ironically, a great place to find life, like this tiny woodland on a coping tomb in the Masonic Cemetery:










And these trees growing on tombs in Lafayette Cemetery #1 (which we explore on our Garden District tour:











Here is a close-up of the lagoon in the NOMA sculpture garden in City Park:









And a tiny forest civilization built around their giant stone gnome god in an alley in the French Quarter:











Between the bricks in St. Louis Cemetery #1:











Here is one on top of a shed dominated by one of the neighborhood peacocks:










And a few examples of the “wild kingdom” right in the middle of the city:










Well, that’s it for now.  If you are reading this, it means I was successful in posting to my new blog.  Yeah!

Now, for the self-promotion:  As you can see, I walk around observing New Orleans all the time.  If you want a tour from an expert like me, check out all the Lucky Bean Tours and sign up for a pay-your-own-price experience that will make you fall in love with this lush, tropical, slightly wild city of dreams!


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