New Orleans Women’s History Tour

Meet the women who made NOLA History!

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NOLA at 300: Strong City, Strong Women

Join Lucky Bean Tours on this completely original two-hour walking tour through the French Quarter to learn about the fascinating women who made New Orleans history.  Your storytelling guide will show you around this 300-year old neighborhood to hear the funny, inspiring, and surprising stories of the women of this great city. The women in these stories may include a Voodoo queen, who became one of the most powerful people in 19th century New Orleans, an French baroness who, despite having a few fingers shot off by her father-in-law, went on to design our iconic town square, or a woman who purchased herself out of slavery to open a thriving coffee business that continues to flavor our daily life today. Meet pharmacist nuns, ambitious ladies of questionable morals, opera superstars, suffragists, newspaper moguls, and more on this unforgettable and inspiring 2-hour walking tour!