New Orleans Crime History Tour

Ages 21+ Only

  • Dress comfortably.
  • Drinks may be purchased along the way.
  • Explicit language and adult topics!
  • 21 and over only.

The Scandalous Side of New Orleans!

For the past 300 years New Orleans has hung precariously on the edge of a country that doesn’t know quite what to make of her. At best New Orleans is called “different”. At worst, “decadent”. Decadent: corrupt, degenerate, depraved, dissipated, dissolute, immoral, sinful, unprincipled. What great subject matter for an adults-only French Quarter walking tour!

On this two-hour walking tour of New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood your Lucky Bean tour guide will introduce you to notorious mobsters like Silver Dollar Sam, Diamond Jim, and Carlos Marcello. And the madams: shameless Emma Johnson, who featured a famous “60 second challenge,” and Norma Wallace, who catered to “The Good Men” for over 40 years. In your mind’s eye you’ll tour “down the line” in Storyville, the legendary sex district that beckoned all comers between 1898 and 1917. Let us tell you about the “Kingfish,” Gov. Huey P. Long, who fathered modern Louisiana through patronage and payoffs. He might have become President — if he hadn’t been assassinated. And, of course, you’ll travel Bourbon Street through the decades.