Sacred St. Louis Cemetery #1 is Where New Orleans Has Paid its Respects for Over 200 Years

Established in 1789 in what was then the swampy outskirts of the city, St. Louis Cemetery #1 is the oldest extant cemetery in New Orleans.  In a city known for beautiful above-ground cemeteries, this is where it all started.  Centuries-old neglected tombs crumble beside beautifully restored ones, and saints and angels are revered alongside voodoo queens, politicians, fallen soldiers, eccentric millionaires, civil rights pioneers, and the enslaved. Follow your Lucky Bean guide from the bustling Rampart Street corridor into the maze of tombs, and hear the stories of the fascinating characters who sleep permanently in this treasured site.  Be sure to bring your camera, as unparalleled photo opportunities abound.

As a Lucky Bean guest on this interesting New Orleans tour,  you can expect to learn the reasons and methods of our citywide custom of above-ground interment, and how a walk through a New Orleans cemetery is an excellent way of remembering our past and the ways in which we are the same as and different from the ones who came before us. Our history will surprise you and make you want to learn more.

Our tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1 is offered every day beginning at 9am, 11am, 1nd 1pm.

The tour is one-and-a-half hours long and covers less than a mile in distance.