Seamy, Steamy New Orleans - A 300-Year Continuously Running Criminal Conspiracy Where Anything Can Happen

For the past 300 years New Orleans has hung precariously on the edge of a country that doesn’t know quite what to make of her. At best New Orleans is called “different”. At worst, “decadent”. Decadent, corrupt, degenerate, depraved, dissipated, dissolute, immoral, sinful, unprincipled. What great subject matter for an adults-only French Quarter walking tour!

On this two hour walking tour of New Orleans' oldest neighborhood your guide, David Feldman, will introduce you to the mobsters: Silver Dollar Sam, Diamond Jim, Carlos Marcello. And the madams: shameless Emma Johnson, who featured a famous “60 second challenge," and Norma Wallace, who catered to “The Good Men” for over 40 years. In your mind’s eye you'll tour "down the line" in Storyville, the legendary sex district that beckoned all comers between 1898 and 1917. David will introduce you to the Kingfish, Gov. Huey P. Long, who fathered modern Louisiana through patronage and payoffs. He might have become President — if he hadn’t been assassinated. And, of course, you’ll travel Bourbon Street through the decades.

Far from being just another "scandals" tour, this journey through the seamier side of New Orleans history will astound you with the overwhelming number of times criminal acts have been a part of the day-to-day operations of this unique old city. You will leave wanting to know more about how we have managed to live - and thrive- in a state of corruption for three centuries, and David will be happy to supply you with an impressive list of references for further research!

This tour is about two hours long and covers about a mile in distance.

The tour is led by David Feldman and meets at 1:30PM every day at French Truck Coffee, 221 Chartres Street. THIS TOUR CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT CONTENT. 21 AND OVER ONLY!