Walk in the Footsteps of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 in Downtown New Orleans

Lee Harvey Oswald lived in his hometown of New Orleans from April to September of 1963 - just before the Kennedy assassination in Dallas. Why was he here? What was he really doing during those months? With whom was he associating? The Warren Commission Report told one story. Over fifty years later a very different story has emerged.
On this two hour walking tour in downtown New Orleans, expert David Feldman takes you into the heart of this dark mystery centered at 544 Camp Street. You will visit the actual locations around Lafayette Square, the Central Business District and the French Quarter frequented by Oswald that summer. And, David will introduce you to the unlikely group of people with whom Oswald associated.
No, we won’t tell you who killed Kennedy (we want our guide to stay alive). But we promise to raise reasonable doubts as to the extent of Oswald’s involvement in the assassination — if any.

Guests on this fascinating, deeply-researched New Orleans walking tour can expect to explore the exact neighborhoods where Oswald lived and worked and to learn about the other characters who were in close proximity. If you feel that you can't keep track of all the information, don't worry. David Feldman wraps it all up in the end and leaves you with a new understanding of a pivotal moment in American history. Afterward, David will follow up with an emailed list of recommendations for further research. This is a thinking person's tour!

The tour is two to two-and-a-half hours long and covers about a mile in distance.