Make the Most of Every Meal with a Crash Course in New Orleans Culinary History

"If you're looking for a food tour that gives you the history and soul of New Orleans food, then this is the one for you. Absolutely brilliant!"

"The tour is a must see if you are a first-timer in New Orleans. You will come in as a tourist and come out as a New Orleanian!"

These are just some of the reviews received for our amazing  French Quarter Culinary History Tour.  This IS the tour you want to take on your first day in New Orleans, so you can plan all your meals for the rest of your trip.  You will learn the history behind gumbo, jambalaya, pralines, muffulettas, po-boys, red beans and rice, bread pudding, beignets, chicory and coffee and many more of the foods that have made New Orleans a food-lover's paradise for centuries!

Guests on this fun, mouth-watering French Quarter walking tour can expect to be led by a guide who is an expert in New Orleans food. You will hear the history behind our iconic dishes and restaurants. You will learn what to look for when ordering in a New Orleans restaurant. You will finally understand what the difference is between Cajun and Creole, you will get honest recommendations about where to get the best dishes, and you will get the guide's contact information in order to continue to ask questions and get recommendations for the rest of your trip.

**NOTE: This is not a tasting tour.  Instead, two hours will fly by as you explore New Orleans' culinary past and present, and you will end the tour delighted, informed, and in the French Market, where your guide will direct you to the best nearby eating experiences!**

The two-hour tour begins at 9:30am Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Sucre, 622 Conti Street.