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Canal Street Cemeteries Tour

Starting at $25 | 2 Hours | All Ages Welcome

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Adult Ages 12+
Youth Ages 5-11
Child Ages 4 and Under

New Orleans is famous for its beautiful “cities of the dead,” and we have found a special little corner of New Orleans that has five of the most special sacred places we have to offer:

  • Greenwood Cemetery is a sprawling 1852 property that boasts some of the most beautiful tombs and monuments in town. Expect to see immigrant society tombs, fire and police memorials, a Civil War monument and much more as your guide explains our funerary customs and the meanings behind the interesting symbols on the tombs.
  • Cypress Grove Cemetery provides several stories about the New Orleans characters who rest within its walls, a 19th Century Chinese tomb, and a wall of burial vaults for unknown Confederate soldiers.
  • Katrina Memorial/ Charity Hospital Cemetery was once a “potter’s field” for the unidentified dead during Yellow Fever epidemics, but is now the location of a lovely and moving monument to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
  • St. Patrick Cemetery #1 is one of the city’s many Catholic cemeteries and offers the opportunity to learn about New Orleans’ Irish history.
  • Dispersed of Judah Cemetery opened in 1846 to accommodate the needs of New Orleans’ Jewish community. The Jewish people have a unique way of interring their dead in New Orleans, as well as a unique set of symbols on their tombs.