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Women in History — Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans


Suzanne Stone, creator of the French Quarter Fascinatin’ Women Tour, continues her Wednesday profiles of important women in history with this overview of the life of Joan of Arc. This week, New Orleans kicks off Carnival Season with the annual Joan of Arc Parade in the French Quarter. The woman who became Saint Joan d’Arc was born…

The tomb of Robert E. Lee Oswald, father of Lee Harvey Oswald


One of the most unique and fascinating of the New Orleans walking tours is the JFK/Oswald Conspiracy Theory Tour, in which we examine the intriguing connection of Lee Harvey Oswald to his home city of New Orleans. Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin in the 1963 slaying of President John F. Kennedy, was only 24…

The Great New Orleans Fire of December 08, 1794


On any French Quarter walking tour in New Orleans, you will hear the story of the Great Fire of 1788.  But the “other fire” of 1794 gets little attention. In 1794, the city of New Orleans was struck with a devastating fire as it was rebuilding from the first fire.  December 08, 1794 was the…

Women in History- Belle Boyd, Confederate Spy


Suzanne Stone is a Lucky Bean walking tour guide and creator of the original French Quarter Fascinatin’ Women Tour, a New Orleans walking tour that focuses on the remarkable women who built, shaped, saved, and preserved New Orleans’ French Quarter during its 300-year existence.  Suzanne is starting a Wednesday discussion of some remarkable women in history.  For…

The Secret Garden Tombs in Lafayette Cemetery #1


In the Uptown Riverside corner of Lafayette Cemetery #1 in the Garden District of New Orleans, there is a sort of “VIP Section” of four almost-identical tombs that Save Our Cemeteries calls “The Secret Garden.” According to SOC, the tombs were built for childhood friends who formed a secret club called “The Quarto” and wished to…